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Australian Opals

擁有 57 年曆史的稀有寶石級蛋白石系列 

Provatidis 蛋白石系列由 Provatidis 家族呈現給您,該家族從事蛋白石開采和定制蛋白石珠寶製作已有近 60 年的歷史。  

半個世紀以來,John 和 Sophia Provatidis 對這顆擁有熾熱色彩和神秘光芒的最珍貴寶石進行了開採,他們對每一種變化和特徵都瞭如指掌。


  蛋白石系列由南澳大利亞 Coober Pedy 的 John Provatidis 獨家開採。  


Sophia Provatidis 還熱衷於管理家族企業,她幫助 John 建立了多年,進一步發展並在她熱愛的行業中留下了自己的印記。

"You haven't seen serious opal until you've seen our opals"

- Sophia Provatidis

Belemnite opal fossil earrings
Red opal, diamond and rose gold ring
Opalised fossil shell and diamond earrings
Boulder opal ring
Solid crystal opal and crystal opal inlay in Greek made setting
Solid crystal opal pendant
Australian opal fossil shell and diamond pendant
Boulder opal, red coral and freshwater pearl necklace
Blue and green crystal opal pendant
Red crystal opal, diamond and rose gold ring

Australian made and Australian owned

Direct from our mines to polished opals to classic one-off pieces - Majestic Opals can help you choose your perfect opal.


Explore our range of exclusive one-of-a-kind opal pieces.

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